Monday, May 27, 2013

Painting tests!

So, here are the first three test figures I've run.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased.  Still need to cross the hurdle of actually basing the fellows, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  General observations on my part:

* Shield bosses get in the way of large designs.  This means having the boss in the middle of your design, or painting around it, which has its own set of problems (lots of open space).  I've compensated for this with some simple knotwork to avoid leaving open spaces.  The art I've taken from this article on how to free-hand Space Wolves designs. 

* The white could probably use some work.  It's not bad per se, but I feel the gradation from the 3rd highlight to pure white is too stark.

* The green stuff seems to be holding its own.

* P3 Armour Wash works just as well on brown as well as other colors, thereby negating the need for a seperate face-and-hands brown/flesh wash.

* Although House Stark's colors are grey, these guys came out a tad bluer that I would have liked.  Nevertheless, I think it works.  If/when I do house Arryn and Knights of the Vale, I will probably use a richer, darker blue and a warmer white.


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